Our services are framed in three broad areas:
Business Development, Innovation Projects and Business Consulting.

With presence in Europe, Latin America and North America, we have the ability to integrate and complement different specialties to meet the requirements and needs of our customers.

The integration of areas and specialties are consolidated and transformed into a great solution system, versatile, effective and efficient.

Business development

• Project Evaluation 
• Real Estate Consulting
• Consultancies in Foreign Trade
• Development of Sales Channels 

Innovation Projects

• Government Programs
• Profile and Preliminary Studies
• Project Development and Financing 


Business advice for Entrepreneurs

• Representation of Companies
• Management Systems for Officers
• Management Control and Strategies
• Internationalization of Companies 


Over the years, a significant number of companies have relied on our service, these are some of the most recent:


We are a group of professionals, who come together to enhance their services in favor of the satisfaction of their clients.

Michele Inserrato (Chile)
Civil Engineer, University of Chile Diploma Management in Company / Lead Auditor ISO

His experience of over 20 years is part of the management and execution of engineering projects, development and implementation of management system according to international standards and national studies and evaluations of new businesses.

Luigi Paolo Guerra (Italy)
Graduated in Economics and a Master in Economics from the University of York.

Expert in Planning, Finance and Management Control at international level. He was Manager in Planning, Finance and Control at the Telecom Italia Group for thirteen years and later Director of Administration and Finance at a company controlled by the Telecom Group.

Miguel Inserrato (Italy)
Bachelor of Marketing and expert in study and promotion of products.

For 10 years deals with technological instrumentation for scientific research, specializing in marketing, research and product promotion, market analysis and search for new business. Since 1989 operates in the food industry, following the production chain and the sustainability of the production process from cultivation to the sale to the final consumer.

Ivana Bergamaschi (Italy)
Degree in Political work and industrial relations.

In 1990 she founded a company in the field of eco-sustainable tourism, working in cultural, social and training, fundraising Community (European Union), national and regional expert in the creation of networks and channels between industry participation public and private.

Ernesto Biroli (Italy)
Electronic Engineer with advanced robotics thesis Politecnico di Milano.

Has an experience of 22 years in the field of electronic technologies applied to industry, security systems projects (fire and theft) and development of implementation studies of renewable energy systems.

Giovanni Galli (Italia)
Senior Expert Consultant Web Marketing. Master eBusiness at School of Business of Politecnico di Milano.

Since 2000/2014 has been Digital Marketing and Strategic Country Manager in Siemens Italy Healthcare Sector. Since 2015, was Project Leader eBusiness Siemens Healthcare Italy c/o Logos Group Italy. eChannels Manager for customer support. 

Rocco Mussuto (Italy)
Business and Economics Degree at Catholic University of Milan.

A Rich experience like market analyst and in the commercial management area, working for important companies of the pharmaceutical and aeronautical industries. From 2009 has focused his professional activity doing Enterprise Internationalization Consulting between Italy and Latin American markets.

Rafael Sotomayor (Chile) 
Lawyer, expert in corporate, commercial law and foreign investments in Chile

A Rich experience like consultant in construction and public concessions law. Natural resources, mining, water rights, environment, land use, project financing. Labor and social security law, assisting employers with global employment issues in Mergers & Adquisitions, hiring and termination of employees, Human Resources company policies, subcontracting and outsourcing, labor auditing and compensation packages, among others.

Vittorio Bosone (Italy)
Expert international in Security for institutions and technology companies.

He has worked with many governments and has trained officers of the Police Force in Italy, Germany, Holland, Central and South America. He worked for the Security of large industrial groups in the world including: ENI, TELECOM, TIM, Unicredit, providing technologies and personnel for the protection of personnel, buildings and telecommunication systems.

Umberto Teot (Italy) 
Expert international in oenological and agroalimetary products

Entrepenour that works importing and exporting since 1980. With his companies he has worked in Kenya, Russia and Teneriffe. He was born in Treviso, Veneto in Italy, a land of great wines, and develops an excellent knowledge of oenological products, his knowledge in Prosecco and Spumantes stands out, of which he has a great experience. 


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